Our Mission

Hanami Cake Design was born out of the desire to ensure that everyone can eat cake when they want to! Whether they have dietary restrictions for health or ethical reasons, or are otherwise choosing to eat in a more thoughtful and conscientious way, we want to be able to offer our clients those options without them having to sacrifice flavor or texture. We are dedicated to finding recipes for everyone to enjoy.

To that end, we are committed to using high quality ingredients, which are locally sourced whenever possible, to ensure that not only do our products taste as good as we can make them, but that by purchasing them, we are doing our part to support local small businesses so we can all thrive together.

In our eternal effort to be as environmentally conscious a business as we can manage, we intentionally and carefully choose ingredients and other supplies that are sustainably made and packaged.

We reduce our waste and overall footprint as much as possible by composting, recycling, and eventually—when our business grows large enough!—outfit our future commercial kitchen with solar panels and be as self-sustaining as we can possibly be.



Tel. 207.610.0036  | Biddeford,  Maine


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